The Game

Atmosflares is a colorful fast-paced space puzzle. In this game your objective is to explode flares and fireworks to unlock new planets and conquer the Solar System. Through a simple touch interface, you can link combos of colorful flares earning points and stars. Each world unlocked presents a new challenge through increasingly harder atmosphere and weather events.

To help you in this journey, collect diverse powers that protect you from the weather, affect the flares’ behavior and warp time and space! But watch out! Some powers are evil and you must avoid touching them at all costs!

Atmosflares contains over 60 levels of gameplay in Career mode and infinite challenging gameplay in Survival mode, where you can test your endurance and agility exploding flares, dodging evil powers and increasing your highscore to surpass your friends!

How To Play

Swipe through flares of the same color to select them

To explode the selected flares, press the Explode! button on the right side of the screen (you can move the button in the Options screen).

To cancel your selection, select a different color.

If you select a different color than the one you currently have selected, the chain will be broken and the latter flare will remain selected. If you have a Multi-color flare selected, it will allow you to connect different flare colors.

To use a power on your Pocket, just tap on it. All powers collected during the game go automatically to your Backpack. To use them in a level, drag the wanted powers to your Pocket in the Power Selection screen before each level.

When you select an bad power, it will be triggered immediately. Some powers you might have can override their effects, so make sure to select powers that will help you to counter-attack too. Learn about each power and their counterparts in the Info area of the Power Selection screen.

The more combos you make, the higher your score. Score is converted into stars, which are used to unlock worlds. All of these actions might earn you achievements, but some are hard to achieve!